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Who We Are And What We Do

At Perfect Strike we only care about bowling. Every part of the sport is important to us. That’s why we are the ONLY company in the world that gives directly back to the bowlers. Every month you are a memeber with us, we give $1 directly to your league prize fund.

That’s why we take countless hours chasing professionals around the country, to talk to them in an unscripted interview, and to learn what really makes them tick.

That’s why we take time to meet and interview youth bowlers.

That’s why we produce engaging articles about the sport, to keep you informed and up to date with real tips, tricks and advice.

The sport of bowling is evolving. We are a major part of that evolution.

Our History

Perfect Strike has the perfect story. One where like-minded people come together for one common goal.

Name Created

One night practicing at Bowlero Euless, Chad, Rick and Mary Michele decided bowling needed a new face. A new identity that was more up-to-date. So each gave their top picks for a new business digital publication and website for bowler’s only. Chad’s pick was Perfect Frame. Rick’s pick was 3X and Mary Michele’s pick was Perfect Strike. The rest is history.
May 5th 2018

Content Ideas

As the co-founders started brainstorming it was apparent that a digital publication had to be done in a very big way. Something new, fresh and totally different in the sport of bowling. So the idea to have a model in every edition, a youth spotlight, tournament directory, professional bowling tips, health topics, professional interviews and a native video upload feature was born. Bowling needs to evolve and Perfect Strike is leading the way.
May 11th 2018

The Game Changer

Perfect Strike was coming along. Business formation ideas had begun, website development had started and content writing was being compiled. But that wasn’t enough to create a “WOW” factor. The partners wanted to really strike a chord with bowlers themselves. That’s when the idea of giving $1 per person per month directly to the bowler’s league prize fund was born. Nothing like this had ever been done. But since the partners were league bowlers they saw an opportunity to increase the money made back in league payouts.
June 5th 2018

Acquiring Chris Lucas

Everything is running smooth. And the excitement is building. But there was one critical piece missing. As the partners may be well known locally by some, they needed someone on board that knew everybody, and everything about bowling. That’s when the idea came to have Chris Lucas come on board as a partner. Everyone knows Chris and his reputation for loyalty, integrity and bowling knowledge is unmatched.
July 17th 2018

Belmo’s Help

Chad had known Jason Belmonte for a year or so at this point. He had worked with him locally and had him out for an entire day to teach his kids some tips on bowling. Chad and Jason also share an entrepreneurial spirit that is very aggressive. After telling Jason about the idea, and how Perfect Strike was going to change and help evolve the sport of bowling, Jason agreed to do the very first interview while bowling at the LUCI Doubles tournament in Houston.
July 27 2018

Model Shoot

The last piece of the puzzle was to have our model shoot. Bowling is a competitive sport but focuses mainly on male bowlers. We saw a vast lack of a feminine side. We took a poll of about 50 local bowlers that all agreed this idea was great for the sport.

August 30th 2018

Our Team

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs that love to bowl, and love the sport of bowling.
This is our contribution to the sport and we believe our impact will pave a new era of bowling initiative.