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It’s a simple fact – you do something over and over again, and eventually the body wears down. It’s a degenerative effect that everybody goes through.

Ok, so what do you do? You want to keep bowling but can’t perform at your best with back pain. The simplest thing to do is stretch. Specific stretches can help you stay ahead of back pain. The stretches below have saved a lot of people from continued pain. If the problem persists after you’ve tried the stretches for 1 week, then you need to

seek other treatment.

The first step to take if the problem is persistent is to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic doctors are specifically trained to identify and correct misalignments in the spine. That’s why most professional athletes have a chiropractor follow them on tour. It just works and can prevent future problems from creeping up on you that may be more severe.

If the pain persists still but shows up in the form of burning, numbness and tingling, pain that moves down the legs or you feel electric shocks, you may be dealing with a disc issue. Now don’t panic because a lot of people have disc issues and they can be treated very successfully with true spinal decompression. Not traction which most doctors offer. Real decompression can heal the disc to where you won’t have issues anymore.

In the DFW area, there are 2 clinics that work with bowlers and offer discounts because the owners also bowl.